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- Who would be your future husband? Well it would be nice to marry Tom Hiddleston, but if not I shall marry whoever I fall in love with, and I know they’re the one.
- Fav fictional character? Gahd so many, Hermione Granger for sharing my birthday and being awesome, Annabeth Chase for being awesome, Percy Jackson for yeah he’s Percy, all the Avengers and Loki. And the Doctor. And Sherlock Holmes. Also some Shakespearean characters… I’m gonna shut up now because it’s a long list.
- Which tv-shows do you want watch? Doctor Who, Sherlock, Mock the Week, Russell Howard’s Good News, League of Their Own, Merlin, Friends, random things from time to time.
- On a scale of 1 to 10, how exited are you about Iron Man III? 1 to 10? 11.
- What made you in how you are today? Those who hurt me, because they showed me horrible the world can be, and my loved ones for showing me that the world can be good too. Mainly books, TV shows, films, music, as they developed my imagination, and my imagination is my life. I don’t know what I’d do without it. I think Avengers Assemble changed my life the most, becauseI then went on tumblr, met new people, grew confidence, realised there are people out there like me. So I have the Avengers and Tumblr to thank for letting me be me.
- If you’d meet your 6 years old you, what would you do/ask? I’d say… I don’t know, I think I’d act out an imaginary story with myself because nothing beats having a six year old who has the same imagination as you and doesn’t mind pretending to be a fairy.
- If you could kill someone without the consequences, who would you kill? I wouldn’t kill anyone. I’d probably beat the crap out of some people, but not kill. I would enjoy beating some idiots up.
- What would be your dream-future? Releasing my first book and it being successful, then continuing the series while I try to become a successful actor. Seeing people fan girl over my books and ship characters and stuff. Then perform a Shakespearean play with Tom Hiddleston. And we become really good friends, and maybe something more, even if I am less than half his age. But I don’t care. Or meeting a guy and falling in love. That would be nice. Obviously after I’ve become and author and actor. It’s a long story.
- What kind of house would you own? Apartment at first. Living with my friends, then moving into a penthouse with my boyfriend, then we’re married and having kids probably a beach house or something. It all depends, I’m not fussed.
- If the apocalypse started, what would you do? Call my friends, tell them that I love them, hug my family and sleep. I will die in my sleep.
- What did you do when Tumblr was down? Write my novel.

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If you had to eat one thing for life, what would you eat?

Do you like pudding?

Who are your best friends?

What type of guy/girl are you attracted to?

Have you been to Prom, and if you’re too young, are you going to Prom? Why?

Who’s your celebrity crush?

What’s your best dream?

Worst nightmare?

Which band/singer writes your ‘theme song’?

If your power went out what would you do?

If you could be invisible for a day what would you do?

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This moment now

Main character(s) now have a different appearance. Started creative writing sessions again at lunch. Still too lazy to continue. Fan fiction is still at the same point as I left it.
No drama at all. Boo. Hiss.
current mood
Various. In a grey area of whether I look forward to getting this year done, or just wanting to stay in bed. But I had my birthday! That was fun.
School. All the time.